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My First Post - "Better Late Than Never"

2016-12-21 10:18:26 by SpiderKnife

I realised last night when I was on the springboard of finishing this project that I've never made the effort before to write on here when I would of liked to, and share some words to anyone who's interested in reading them.

So first off - Manners. Hi! My name is Rob & on the net I go by the name SpiderKnife (if the profile name or if you seen any my previous animations hasn't given it away...). How are you!

Second - Mini bio. I've been a fan of Newgrounds since 2007 and what drew me to here was an eventful day at Uni when a mate got me to check out Egoraptor's Metal Gear Awesome 1 & 2. I remember that day vividly for many reasons and from then I followed through and discovering the likes of RubberNinja, Stamper, Spazkid, Oney, Ricepirate, Kirbopher, Digsbot & Paperbag Animator to name some that fuelled my love for animation.

Granted you may see here that I made this account 3 years ago & it has taken till this year to create and share stuff on this wonderful website. Alot of what delayed me to create & share was a rotten mixture of things, but I'm happy and proud that I can say it is a "Better Late Than Never" line from my part, than just "Never".

Stepping aside from that is what I would like to share with you today, my latest animation: My Man Rowlet.


I like to credit heavily what inspired this animation to the French animator Kévin Gemin, A.K.A. Kekeflipnote (https://twitter.com/Kekeflipnote?lang=en) and how his wonderful, squash-and-stretch-perfect characters attract the many eyes on the internet including my own and what triggered me a week ago to practice & play around with those principles. From that evolved the character to be Rowlet, that aside being my favourite Pokemon from the new gen & potentially the whole thing, was a perfect suit for me to have in this animation and to have some fun with.

It was alot of fun making this and a very satisfying one to complete  compared to say Hello Bomb which took me, on & off, about a year to do. Granted had it been a consistent time frame of focus I doubt it would of come out much faster as I'm still learning my paces, but nevertheless I just want to keep going and keep improving myself in all the projects I want to do and share with you alot & My Man Rowlet is me getting one step closer to that forever going adventure.

This animation is to you Kévin and thank you for the adorable birb fun that pours out of his work and for always bringing out a smile in me.

Thank you for reading & may you enjoy the animation. Laters & Happy Holidays! RW x



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